The Success of Online Casino Platforms: Free Slots, Benefits and Everything Else in Between

Roll up roll up! Get ready to spin your way through the reels for a chance to win some lucrative prizes! New to the scene and not sure where to start? No problem! If you think you’ll love games like online slots, we’re delighted to tell you that you can actually check them out for FREE!7

Keep reading to find out more about the gaming industry, its benefits and the types of free slots you can play.

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The iGaming Industry

The casino world has a fascinating history. It dates back centuries ago and has since established itself as a leading contender in the business side of things. Land-based casinos have been around for a very long time, but the 90s brought a whole new different ball game. The iGaming industry gradually started to make some waves with online casino platforms.

This proved to be extremely economical to several online casino providers, due to several benefits. Some of these include the convenience factor, enhanced usability, better games and exciting prizes and bonuses. Eventually, the industry completely blew up and it soon came to be as we know it today. During the last decade alone, it saw an increase in revenue by 14%. Whereas it was already worth more than $45 billion dollars up until 2017, even bigger things are in the pipeline for the years to come. By 2024, many have speculated that the iGaming industry will be worth more than $94 billion dollars. Isn’t that impressive?!

Why do people enjoy online gaming?

But why are so people hooked on it? Why don’t they just go to their local casino or plan a casino holiday? In reality, both experiences offer their own take on casino. The land-based experience in places like Vegas, has completely immortalized itself. So much so, that plenty of artists, musicians, film makers and other creatives have found their inspiration in this exciting world.

Nevertheless, the online casino industry brought something different to the table. As we’ve stated previously, people don’t need to get dressed up to play some casino games. More so, online casinos are also up to date with the latest technologies, with the number one priority being given to the mobile market. What’s also great about online casinos is the extensive range of casino bonuses. For starters, you can get a welcome bonus package packed with anything from free cash prizes and a handful of free spins. Of course, we can’t forget the additional promotions you can avail from on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

The game selection is fantastic. From slots, table games and live casino, you’re definitely in for a treat. The best part about this is that you can enjoy them for FREE! We’ll be elaborating more about the topic in the upcoming sections.

Play for Free of For Real Money

First things First. Did you know that you can actually play games for FREE? That’s right, you don’t need to spend a dime if you’re interested in testing the waters first. Whilst we’re not here to take away the magic from a land-based casino experience, you’ve got to admit that this option is handy for beginners. In this way, players who have never played any slots or table games in their life, don’t need to feel intimidated that they’re slowing down a game.

Even so, free slots are useful for seasoned players. Let’s say a player who normally opts for fruit and adventure slots is interested in trying something new. Perhaps he / she is not easily convinced that an Irish slot or an Egyptian slot will offer the same enjoyment and lucrative prizes. No problem at all! You’re also free to check out what a free slot can offer without committing to anything or spending any money.

However, it’s important to point out that you can’t win any cash prizes, bonuses, jackpots and other exclusives at this point. Naturally, since free slots are just demos, they’re just there to help you kick things off and get confident at the game.

Once you’ve brushed up your skills, or you simply think that the slot offers the kind of entertainment you’re after, you can start playing for real money. At this stage of your gameplay, anything is up for grabs. Wilds, scatters, exciting bonus levels, and we can’t forget the free spins! Additionally, you can also try your hand at some thrilling progressive jackpot slots!

Types of Free Slots

Now that the nitty gritty is out of the way, it’s time for the fun part. Multiple casino platforms offer hundreds of games to choose from. In this case, we’re going to keep our main focus on slot machines. So what can you play?

Any casino platform ensures that all players find something they can enjoy, irrespective of their gaming level. In short, both high rollers, beginners and even amateurs are welcome to sign up. If we look the slot section, developers continuously work hard to produce new releases every month. Some themes include adventure slots, Egyptian slots, Irish slots, storyline slots, and of course we can’t forget to good old retro slots. If you really love your fruit slots, you’re bound to find a great selection of them on any reputable casino site. Without a doubt, they’ve stood the test of time for those of you who want to relive the 90s nostalgia.

The great thing about slot machines is that developers have plenty of room to be creative. Considering they have such a long history, staple machines such as the Liberty Bell, Operator Bell and Reel Em’ have heavily influenced the way slots are designed nowadays. The graphics are more compelling, the animations are even more enticing, and once you start playing for real money, you’ll realize that the prizes are lucrative and exciting.

There are plenty of slots you can play, but if you want some recommendations, you will definitely enjoy any of the following ones:

• Gonzo’s Quest

• Book of Dead

• Valkyrie

• Starburst

• Mega Moolah

• Reel Rush

• Joker Wild

• Immortal Romance

• Book of Ra

• Medusa II

• Slots O’Gold Megaways

These are only a select few, but you can play these and other titles for free and for real money on multiple casino platforms.