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Microwave Cranberry Pie recipe

Yes, it's an apple-cranberry pie that can be made in the microwave! It's got enough crunch, bite, and flavor that no one will have to know the difference.


1 cup cranberries
½ cup raisins
3 tablespoons brandy
2 tablespoons packed brown sugar
2 tablespoons water
1 (20-ounce) can apple pie filling
½ teaspoon cinnamon
1 (9-inch) prepared, baked pie shell
1 cup vanilla wafer crumbs
¼ cup chopped walnuts
3 tablespoons melted butter


1) Combine cranberries, raisins, brandy, sugar, and water in a large microwave-safe bowl. Cover and microwave 3 minutes. Stir; allow to stand 5 minutes.

2) Add apple pie filling and cinnamon to bowl; stir well. Pour into prepared pie shell.

3) In a large bowl, combine vanilla wafers, walnuts, and butter; sprinkle over top of pie.

4) Microwave 3 minutes. Cool slightly and serve.

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Published: October 31, 2010
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